Wilders in AthasEdit


Psionics are very common on Athas, and wilders can be widely found in the Tablelands, representing psionic energy in its most raw state, and change for change’s sake. Neutral wilders are rare, but such characters become famous within the ranks of their comrades, since their vision is unclouded by moral concerns.

Wilders know that using psionic powers can be strenuous, and the limit of a character’s endurance is his Will. Eventually, even the most powerful of masters becomes exhausted and must rest to replenish his strength. When wounds and exhaustion cloud the vision and the mind swims in delirium, only the greatest wilders possess the Will to continue using their powers.

For most wilders, psionic power is not a choice, but a discovery. Some wilders discovered their mental powers in childhood or puberty. While psions train in the academies to harness their abilities, wilders tend to discover their powers accidentally and without training. Most wilders never work to harness their powers, lacking the time, inclination or will to further their training.

Low-level wilders often think of their power as a handy “gift” or “knack”, rather than a trait that defines them. Generally, only the more focused and powerful will actually identify themselves as “wilders”. Wilders often first release their abilities while under great stress. Even as they progress, stress or excitement can flood through a wilder, allowing a display of power beyond his normal range of ability.

Daily LifeEdit

Wilders spend their days in travel and contemplation, with an occasional rant and wild outburst (usually against the foes an adventurer comes across). They enjoy talking about their psionic abilities and about their life philosophies. Notables


A wilder’s path is his own to thread, since no overarching organization exists to recruit you into its ranks. Most wilders are just too erratic and freedomloving to join one, anyway.

NPC ReactionsEdit

Most people do not understand the difference between a psion and a wilder, so their attitudes span the spectrum. Psions NPC attitudes range from indifferent to unfriendly, although most psiologists tend to have their attitude bent towards hostile.


Wilders are created as normal using the Psionics Unleashed supplement for Pathfinder with the following exceptions:

Class Skills: Survival is a class skill for wilders. Swim is not.

Sustenance: This power functions with the following restriction: You may activate this power only after you have consumed two days' rations worth of food and water.

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