Tribes of AthasEdit

There are many small bands of people that live in the deserts and the rare forests of Athas, many are nomadic, but some remain fairly sedentary.

Specific TribesEdit

Elven TribesEdit

Halfling TribesEdit


Jungle Halflings

The halfling clans of Athas interact with other halfling clans by default, and with elven and human tribes as necessary. They are scavengers, traders and tricksters, but above all else they are survivors. They live in the mysterious Forest Ridge, a deep and ledengary jungle near the Ringing Mountains. Only a few small bands venture out from the jungles into the deserts and mountains, and fewer still are exclusive to those regions.

Halfling Kinship

Halfling culture appears to work like a massive extended family; they seem oblivious to the fact that few outsiders think differently about how their cultures are organized. Halflings stay in the jungles outside Tyr in bands ranging from 5 to 20 people. Each halfling is part of a band, clan, sept, and tribe (in order of most familiar and closest blood to most distilled).


There are two known tribes; the Goh (of which all nomadic forest and desert halflings belong) and the Wah (of which all urban halflings belong) but there are other tribes that are unknown to outsiders. Each tribe has exactly two septs, always Earth ('Na) or Rain ('Enta) in any tribe since the septs are pseudo-political units of division that bind clans for division of dispute settlements. Each sept binds twenty to thirty clans each, and each clan has between twenty-five to fifty bands. When a band reaches a population of about two dozen, they split and form sister bands led by the eldest pair of sisters, and when there are fifty bands, they split and form two sister clans. Splitting is a rare event because the halfling population is quite low, so when it happens, it is considered a cause for great celebration.


Units of halflings that wander together are bands, and are entirely familial based on the mother's lineage back to the founding of the tribes. Intermarriage is only permitted between members of different clans, and a spouse from the opposite sept is heavily preferred. Marriage within the same clan is expressly forbidden, even if they are different bands.


Halflings identify themselves in the following manner: Tribe Sept Clan Band. Each of these halflings would have a true name known only to others in their clan. Upon marriage into another clan, males are renamed. The same is true for adopted halflings.

For example:

Haita Goh'Nahait is from the Goh tribe, the Na sept, the Hait clan and the Haita band.
Pallayas Goh'Entapley is from the Goh tribe, the Enta sept, the Pley clan and the Pallayas band.
Josta Wah'nabhe is from the Wan tribe, the Na sept, the Bhe clan and the Josta band.

Human Tribes

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