Shuba Kale
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Full Name Shuba Kale
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Wizard
Profession Licensed Defiler, Adviser
Apparent Age Late 20s
Home City Nibenay
Appearance Gaunt, tanned humanoid wearing expensive lavender robes. Cat or serpent eyes.
Sounds like Female tenor; Strange accent, broken Tyrian (Common)
Faction Affiliation Templar-Wives of Nibenay

Little is known of Shuba Kale other than the fact that she is a trusted adviser of Rava D'Sar and holds a license to practice magic freely within Nibenay's walls, allegedly given to her by the sorcerer-king himself. Her most striking feature is her eyes, which are reminiscent of a serpent's. There are rumors that she is the offspring of a yuan-ti, which gives her something of an untrustworthy and deceitful reputation among the denizens of Nibenay.

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