Rogues in AthasEdit


Rogues run the gamut of society. Athasian rogues range from gutter snipes who prey upon the merchants and free citizens of the cities to vagabonds who steal what they can from passing caravans or merchant trains. At their best, rogues can be in the employ of the nobility, plying their trade by contract in the name of a royal household, or they can be men or women of principle and honor who steal only from the corrupt and wealthy.

Daily LifeEdit

The way a rogue behaves depends largely on his sense of morality. Some think nothing of adopting false identities or working as assassins for their noble patrons in exchange for silver, relying on their skills and charms to get through anything. A few other rogues find themselves driven to use their powers to help people.


Rogues don’t organize together, but they often linger around the same places, such as the Bard’s Quarter, the Elven Quarter, or Merchant House’s Emporiums. A rogue joining an organization probably has a specific goal (or target) in mind and rakes a position that best allows him to attain it. A long‐term commitment to such a group rarely appeals to a rogue.

NPC ReactionsEdit

Rogues make a good job about hiding their true motives and identities. Individuals who know about a rogue’s true colors begin with an attitude one step more hostile than normal. Lawful clerics and templars in particular look poorly upon rogues, as does anyone who puts importance in forthrightness.


Rogues are created as normal per the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

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