Rava D'Sar
Full Name Rava Miszal'Tlaz D'Sar
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Templar
Profession Chief Investigator
Apparent Age 30s maybe?
Home City Nibenay
Appearance Golden mask, wears exotic robes and jewelry, known for never exposing her skin
Sounds like Low alto, Nibenese accent
Faction Affiliation Templar-Wives of Nibenay

Rava D'Sar is a mid-level templar-wife of Nibenay and the chief investigator of the Sage's District, though it is likely her influence extends well beyond that.

Unlike many templar-wives, Rava shows no skin and is never seen without her golden, featureless mask. Rumors abound regarding this eccentricity, but the running theory is that her body and face were horribly mutilated by a defiler early in her templar career.

Rava has put a call out to the downtrodden, offering those skilled in certain talents a competitive wage and the use of her influence. No one knows what Rava plans to do with these individuals, but it's no secret that she's used unorthodox methods of solving problems in the past. Whatever her reasons, she's kept them a closely guarded secret, which has raised some eyebrows from her peers and superiors.

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