Psychic Warriors in AthasEdit


No place on Athas is safe from psionics. Armies and fortresses mean nothing to a master of the Way. To answer the threat of psionic attack, nobles and merchants retain the services of mercenary psionicists to guard against other users of the Way. With a potential to advance in a number of different directions―offensive, defensive, support, and quick strike―psychic warriors make excellent additions to adventuring parties.

Daily LifeEdit

A psychic warrior spends the majority of his time perfecting his mind and body. The mental and spiritual demands of the Way require constant attention, so he can spare little time for carousing. A psychic warrior with an apprentice spends much of his time training his student. A psychic warrior without one might or might not spend time seeking out one, according to his whims.


There is no specific organization that caters to psychic warriors. The Exalted Path (for males) and Serene Bliss (for females) orders in the city‐state of Nibenay keep the city’s ancient monastic tradition and they usually have several psychic warriors in their milieu. Villichi communities, female humans born with amazing psionic abilities, lie hidden in the deserts, harboring powerful psychic warriors.

NPC ReactionsEdit

As with fighters, individuals react to psychic warriors based on their previous interactions with other members of the class.

Gladiators have mixed feelings towards psychic warriors, their abilities can be of great value in the arena, but sometimes they feel a bit jealous of those abilities themselves, and they do not like other show offs competing for attention during gladiatorial matches. The only characters that psychic warriors as a rule will have an extremely hard time getting along with are other psychic warriors. Any party unfortunate enough to include more than one psychic warrior will be wrought with petty bickering, snide remarks, and endless competitions of spectacular force. Merchants and nobles, on the other hand, greatly appreciate psychic warriors. They can always find ready employment as an elite mercenary, in the permanent guard of a noble family, or a merchant house sentry cadre.


Psychic Warriors are created using the rules in the Psionics Unleashed supplement for Pathfinder with the following exceptions:

Class Skills: Intimidate is a class skill for Psychic Warriors. Swim is not.

Sustenance: This power functions with the following restriction: You may activate this power only after you have consumed two days' rations worth of food and water.

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