Psions in AthasEdit


The psion learns the Way, a philosophy of mental discipline, to become master of his will, or innate mental power. Most aspiring psions seek out an instructor, a master of the Way. Most Athasian cities contain psionic academies where students receive instructions in exchange for money or loyal service.

Nearly every level of Athasian society is permeated with psionics. Even the humblest slave may possess an unusual talent or ability, while the most powerful enchantments of the sorcerer‐monarchs include psionic elements. Mental powers are used on an everyday basis in Athasian culture.

Telepaths allow instantaneous communication across hundreds of miles. Draft animals and slaves are kept under control by psionic overseers. Prophets use their visionary powers to forecast the fortunes of kings and peasants, find missing objects, and solve crimes. Kineticists and egoists use their potent abilities in all manner of enterprises, both legitimate and otherwise.

Daily LifeEdit

The study of the Way is very similar to the study of magic. Just as wizards strive to master more advanced and difficult spells, psionicists must constantly seek to unlock new and more powerful abilities. Unlike wizardry, there is no single formula that will reproduce an effect of the Way that will work the same for each individual. Students must independently develop the command of their powers.

High‐level psions tend to become contemplative masters, so they can make good patrons for lower‐level PCs. Such psions often hire adventurers to gather rare psionic items for study or to recover lost knowledge of the ancient ages in their stead.


Psions don’t organize together, but they often join other organizations, especially psionic academies and monasteries. Psions who dedicate themselves into extensive studies in such organizations in order to master the Way often become psiologists.

NPC ReactionsEdit

The common people usually react to a psion exactly as they would to any other psionicists in their community. Because trained psionicists are scarce and their skills are vital, they are highly valued by many elements of the Athasian society. Unlike wizards, psionicists are free of the taint of magic and need not disguise their calling. They owe no loyalty to the sorcerer‐kings, unlike the templars. Even clerics and druids have elemental powers and guarded lands that they must place before all other considerations. Psionicists are free of these patrons and responsibilities and may employ their powers as they see fit.


Psions are created as normal using the rules found in the Psionics Unleashed supplement for Pathfinder with the following exceptions:

Sustenance: This power functions with the following restriction: You may activate this power only after you have consumed two days' rations worth of food and water.

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