Personal Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Indira is a young woman of slightly above average height and fairly average build. She has white eyes, pale pinkish skin, and wears a variety of colorful wigs and makeup to accent her appearance. Her eyes are completely white, with a reflective, white pupil. It's difficult to see what she's looking at sometimes, and she also is sometimes mistaken for being blind.

Most commonly she wears desert clothing with fully concealing veils. She wears ivory ringmail armor which appears more decorative than practical at first glance, and conceals her weapons within decorative fans.

She smells pleasantly like vanilla and cinnamon, and has an educated nibenese accent.


Personality Edit

Indira often brings up tales or historical reference for current events. She's killed children and then turned around and given strangers her own rations so that they could make it back to town from the desert. Overall she's been insightful, clever and charismatic, but also misleading, capricious, and aloof.

Capacities Edit

Indira's shown that she is quite adept with poisons, and with misdirecting attacks. She's a bit inept when it comes to climbing, and throwing her fans at people.

Indira's displayed a teleportation-like ability, disappearing from one place only to show up nearby in a briefly insubstantial form. She's an arcane caster, though she does not openly use these abilities while in town which would draw unwanted attention.

Being around Indira in a fight inspires confidence and aggression toward others. Allies of hers feel compelled to continue fighting whenever they disable or kill a target. She's directly talked a target out of hitting her, leaving them standing helplessly while she killed a nearby ally.

Early History Edit

Indira grew up in Nibenay. She has a brother, whom she no longer interacts with. She's also known as The Pearl of Nibenay or more simply just The Pearl in certain circles, a dancer and a musician who operates within Tyr's noble district circuits.

Current AdventuresEdit




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