Appearance Edit

Haita is a nearly 3' and 35 lb Halfling that is assumed to be female, despite being fairly androgynous or too scruffy to properly discern. She is covered in tattoos, paint, dirt and bits of scavenged cloth and armor. Her hair is tied up in knotted spindles and braids, and her teeth are sharpened or cracked into jagged, gritty little chompers.

She wears leather armor usually, and carries a large carrikal (compared to her height). She looks like she's probably about 20-30 though the scuffing and dirt make it hard to tell. She's got plenty of scars from years of wounds and fighting with weapons and animals. Despite that, most would have a feeling that if she was dunked in a vat of strong soap and disinfectant, then dipped in a bucket of sweet smelling honey lotion, and then maybe had her hair shaved off... she'd probably clean up fairly well. Except for those crazy teeth, anyway.


Since she was raised knowing the halfling language first, and Thri-kreen second due to trade with a neighboring Thrikreen group during childhood, her language skills are very different from the ones used by other languages. As such, she tends to speak in short sentences that usually lack prepositions, have incorrect pronouns, and are extremely straightfoward -- like a newspaper headline. This isn't a reflection of her intelligence; her language is just so far removed that she hasn't quite gotten to that level of fluency yet.
She learned most of the common tongue while working in the gladiator pits of the arena , and so many of her words are combat-oriented. When people refer to her personally, she does not object to pronouns of either gender (and may not even understand the concept of a "pronoun" anyway).

Early History Edit


Haita was born in a small band of halflings, the Haita Goh'Nahait, that wander along the borders of the hard desert and the shifting sands. They are one of the few bands that live outside the Forest Ridge for most of the year, though they do return to the Forest regularly for gatherings and trading. They traded with other Goh'Nahait halfling tribes in the deserts outside Tyr , but stayed in bands ranging from 5 to 20 people.

Her kin were scavengers, traders and tricksters, but above all else they were survivors. From an early age she was taught how to live in even the deepest part of the desert, and how to take advantage of anything found in the arid lands.

Kin and Clan Edit



As per the ways of her clan, her mother had exactly one male and one female child. This was particularly difficult to accomplish since she gave birth six times before having a daughter; the extra boys had to be recycled. In addition, when she was 4 years old, Haita's grandfather became mortally wounded during a hunting trip and so he had to be recycled as well, which was performed by her grandmother, the clan's shaman. Haita was taught how to deal with those sorts of difficult decisions from infancy, which helped her become a brutal warrior and tactician later in life.



Desert Omens

Haita's clan has one rule: survive. The cost of survival is negotiable, but it must always be paid in the present as well as the future. All actions should be considered in terms of the immediate and long term impact. As she grew up in the harshest of environments, she is used to making the tough choices. Cannibalism, suicide, infanticide, homicide, thieving -- these are all acceptable tactics for group survival in a land that yields little.

If someone's future ends (as in, they die), they have given up their resources for someone else's benefit, and this is considered a gift. If someone does not conceal their goods adequately, they have given them up willingly. If someone is a danger to the group, the group must shed the burden. She also believes that groups must be led and directed toward water and shelter, and there are consquences for striking off alone or trying to destroy group cohesion. As halflings tend to form tightly knit bands of small groups of people, she believes that living alone is suicide.



Pit Arena

When she was hunting down a band of raiders near the outskirts of Tyr, Haita and her band were netted by a group of humans and taken to town to be sold as slaves. Athasian Halflings abhor slavery because it is an affront to one's right of survival, and because it removes them from their kin. Typically halflings would rather decline water until death rather than serve as a chained slave, but Haita and her kin were determined to break out.

She was branded and thrown into the gladiator pits to be served up as fodder for animals and fighting slaves, but rather than give her slavers the entertainment they desired, she fought back too well and slaughtered many of their prized beasts.

Her kin survived for many months but were eventually put down like wild animals while she listened from below the arena, in the pits. Haita was determined to break free and exact her band's revenge on the slavers that brought her and the arena masters that destroyed her band.

She learned how to fight other humanoids directly; how to defend herself against their foreign styles and how to turn her tortured existence into a brutal conquest, and she spent so much time in the pits that she isn't even sure how long it was, exactly.



Planning an Escape

Then recently, politics in Tyr shifted and slaves were released as per the new regulations of the city. She was already in the process of executing a great escape when the word came down that the slaves were to be set free. Haita thought about returning to what's left of her clan, but she knew it would be difficult to track them down, especially after they were raided. She believes that they retreated into the shifting sands to move to a new area, and doubts she will see them again.

As she is a survivor first and foremost, she decided to take this as an opportunity to do and see things that would otherwise be outside of her realm. Truth be told, she is intrigued by city life, and by the relative prosperity that can be afforded by simple labor.

Since she is a newly released slave, she also has become motivated to help other slaves in the lands. Even when she was a nomad in the desert, she abhorred slavery not because it's fundamentally wrong or because it's cruel, but because she believes slaves are denied the basic right of survival -- which is the first tenet of her clan's belief system.

Current AdventuresEdit



Haita is now traveling with a strange group of people. She doesn't know them well, but so far the excitement is good enough for her to continue on with them. In addition, she believes she has the ability to rally ex-slaves and rebellious slaves to join her against their oppressors.

She enjoys discovering things and living in luxury -- which is pretty much any life where eating other sentients is optional and someone always has water that's available. She also enjoys the company of others, though she doesn't like to speak to them. She likes to watch them and spot weaknesses, and pretend that she is slaughtering them in her mind.


Her long term goals are to eradicate slavery for the strong ones that want to fight back, and to find another band of Halflings and rejoin them. She also wants to personally kill the slavers that captured her and the arena masters that threw her kin into certain death.

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