The gladiator pits of Tyr were home to some of the most gruesome forms of entertainment that luxury could afford. For most of its history, the arena served as the final destination for many slaves bought for the sole purpose of letting wealthy people watch savages die brutally. Slaves were rarely allowed to train, and it was often a wholesale slaughter of poorly fed, abducted people and animals.

The ArenaEdit


Pit Arena

The slave arena sits in Tyr, and is one of the largest complexes in the city. There are many seats in the arena for the audience, as well as an underground dungeon that houses the victims of the week, as well as the slaves in training.

Wealthy people were seated by order of importance, with the closest seats to the action being the most expensive (in coin and status).

There used to be slaving outposts used to store slaves on their way to the arena from outside of the city, as well as training facilities for the few slaves that were encouraged to learn to die in a more entertaining way.



Slave Pits

The Arena forced the deaths of dozens of slaves and animals each day that it was open. There were some days that saw so many deaths that they had to import new sand by the wagon load to cover the blood stains.

Slaves were brought in from the deserts surrounding Tyr by direct targetted capture from employeed slavers, and from purchasing slaves from traveling slavers.

Many slaves were defenseless in the pits, and few were allowed proper weapons in order to fight back -- unless the Wealthy spectators thought their ability to fight with weapons was somehow amusing. Case in point: halflings were often allowed to train with weapons because they are tiny, and so it was more entertaining to see them try to struggle with a heavy, cumbersome weapon. Also, it helped reinforce the fact that they were not actually human children to the spectators.


It's unclear what will happen to the Arena now that slaves have been freed.

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