Galfinar "Goldentongue"
Never a frown
Full Name Galfinar
Gender Male
Race Elf
Class Ranger
Profession Dune Trader
Apparent Age 27
Home City  ???
Appearance Lavish, tall; wears Draji style garments; always wears a hat
Sounds like Male alto, chipper
Faction Affiliation Sky-Singers

Also known as Galfinar "Two Coins," "Clownmouth," "Slicksleeve," and many other monikers that are far less flattering, Galfinar serves as a merchant in the Elven Market of Nibenay's Hill District. He claims to be able to get anything for anyone from anywhere, no questions asked, and according to him, offers the best deals in Athas. There are rumors he once led (and still leads) a bloodthirsty band of elven raiders, though he denies such allegations as fanciful embellishments. He is known to have ties with certain elven tribes, but no concrete evidence has yet surfaced that might otherwise tarnish his self-proclaimed "charming and honorable" reputation.

Most of his clothing, weaponry, and armor are all unmistakably Draji in design. He claims the Draji know best how to inflict pain while also looking fashionable, a trait that prevents him from using the potentially higher quality arms of Urik or Tyr.

He wears a ridiculous hat, both to shield him from the sun, and to humble his appearance so nobody can tell how smug he secretly is.

He keeps his teeth white and shiny with kank grubs.

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