Forest RidgeEdit


Jungle Halflings

There are rumors of a vast untamed wilderness beyond the Ringing Mountains where rain actually falls every day, and plants grow so high that the sun can't be seen through the canopy. Few Athasians believe that such a place could exist at all, yet it does.

The Forest Ridge sits in the shadow of the Ringing Mountains, and is an untamed, dense jungle choked with vines, bracken, thick foliage, and countless species of animals and plants.

As is common in Athas, the Forest Ridge contains many ruins from the distant past. Ancient roads, colossi and castles peek out from the foliage below the canopies, remnants of a long lost civilization. This is a glimpse of how the world may have been in times long forgotten.


Yet despite its verdant landscape with plentiful water, the Forest Ridge is not a peaceful land. The sun's warm rays are so heavily dimmed by the canopy that dangers are difficult to spot in the shadows below. The dense population of creatures creates an atmosphere of fierce competition where camoflage and stealth are the main defenses.

Exploring the Forest RidgeEdit

The Forest Ridge sits on a massive plateau along the foothills of the Ringing Mountains, at an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet. As such, the air 40 degrees cooler than in the lowlands of the Tyr Region. The Ringing Mountains shield the area from the dry westerly winds.

If travelers can survive the harshest depths of the desert, they will arrive at the rocky outcrops that border the foothills and lead into the plateau above. Distant thunder rumbles continuously from the peaks of the mountains behind the plateau. As the ridge descends to the west, the heat finally strangles out the vegetation and gives way to the Western Hinterlands.

Forest Ridge BackgroundsEdit

It's rumored that halflings inhabit the jungles of the Forest Ridge, scattered in small groups like dewdrops on tiny leaves. They are perfectly adapted to lurk in the dark shadows of the trees, and to ambush any intruders that dare to roam too close to their territories. Halflings use poisonous weapons, traps and strange magic to confuse and kill their enemies. Those who dare to challenge the halflings are often never seen again.

Associated Skills: Nature, Perception


Non-Halfling Trader: You were a trader that dealt primarily with the halfling tribes and were allowed access into the Forest Ridge for the sole purpose of trade. You are considered an accepted outsider to the community, and you consider yourself to be a native to the Forest Ridge since you were introduced to the region by birth or for the vast majority of your life.

Liberator: Halflings are often the victims of the slave trade, and as a former slave yourself you are determined to set your people free and proclaim the halflings as a race free of the shackles.

Desert Nomad: You are a desert nomad that lived on the outskirts of the jungle, but maintained a type of relationship with the inhabitants of the Forest Ridge. You have traveled within the jungle at times, and are familiar with the halflings, the creatures and the plants of the jungles as well as the nearby foothills.

Spirit Guided: You have dreamed of the jungle for your entire life, even before you realized there was a real jungle in the world. Spirits whisper to you, reminding you of the ancient past and the forgotten kingdoms that rest below the jungle floors.

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