Fighters in AthasEdit


From the small forts in sandy wastes of Athas to the guards of the merchant houses in the city‐states, fighters are Athas’ most common sight. Whether it is as mercenaries for the sorcerer‐kings or as hired guards protecting the wealth of the nobility, fighters can be found everywhere in the Tablelands.

On Athas, the fighter is a trained warrior, a soldier skilled in mass warfare. Every society on Athas maintains an army of fighters to protect itself from attack or to wage wars of plunder and annihilation against its neighbors. Fighters are both the commanders and soldiers in these armies, and at higher levels are experts in both individual and formation combat, leadership, and morale.

Daily LifeEdit

A fighter adventures to prove his superior skill at arms, to advance the cause of whatever master he might serve, and to further his own aims. Once he has reached a respectable level of accomplishment, a fighter might take the Leadership feat and start building his own army. As word spreads, less experienced warriors who are eager to fight for the same causes seek him out as the desperate peoples of Athas constantly look for great commanders, warriors who will lead them.


Fighters often band together into small armies or as mercenary groups working for trade houses. These organizations typically have different credos and values, but they allow their members to focus their time on their individual quests.

NPC ReactionsEdit

Individuals react to fighters based on their previous interactions with other members of the class. A brave fighter meets cold silence and contempt around the Barrier Wastes where evil fighters oppress the populace. Gladiators usually talk down on fighters, saying that gladiators are the true masters of combat. Fighters usually reply that gladiators are nothing without a crowd looking. Because of that, their initial reaction is one step towards unfriendly than normal.

A fighter who has lived long enough to retire from adventuring typically acquires some position of authority, with commensurate political power, whether as a caravan leader, army general, or ruler of a raiding or slave tribe.


Fighters are created using the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook with the following exception:

Class Skills: Knowledge (warcraft) is a class skill for Athasian fighters. Swim is not.

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