Ezren Lur
Full Name Ezren "Boneface" Lur
Gender Female
Race Mul
Class Gladiator
Profession Champion
Apparent Age Late 20s
Home City Unknown
Appearance Bulky, tall for a mul, never seen without skull mask
Sounds like Unknown, rarely speaks
Faction Affiliation None

Ezren Lur, or "Boneface" as she is known to her fans, is the reigning champion of Nibenay's coliseum. To date, she holds the record for consecutive wins, and despite many attempts to dethrone her, she has defended her title with a tenacity rarely seen for a gladiator or even one of her race.

Lur revels in the attention of arena patrons and is known for putting on lavish displays purely for the entertainment of the audience. When Lur fights, the crowd is in for a show, which is likely why she is so popular even outside of Nibenay.

Her fighting style combines brutal savagery with fierce cunning, and few of her opponents are able to keep up with her, much less provide a sporting challenge. If she is fighting an inexperienced gladiator, she will toy with him; baiting him into attacking or coming at her in a certain way and fooling him into thinking he has a chance of winning before she inevitably crushes him with impunity.

Lur's origins are a mystery. Most of her fans believe she is not a native of Nibenay, but a popular rumor that has begun circulating is that she is the illegitimate offspring of a templar-wife and a dwarf of low birth. The truth, of course, is ever cloudy, and since Lur rarely shares a word with anyone, it will likely remain a mystery.

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