Druids in AthasEdit


Perhaps the only thing rarer to see in Athas than a wizard is a druid. After centuries of persecution, they were forced to either die in the hands of the agents of the sorcerer‐monarchs or watch their beloved land wither and die before their eyes.

Athasian druids are the protectors of Athas’ dying landscape. Patient and often unforgiving, they try to preserve and reclaim the barren lands that surround the Tyr region. Well armed with spells and abilities from the Spirits of the Land, they work to bolster Athas’ failing ecology.

Often, druids prefer to remain hidden, observing the behavior of creatures and people before passing judgment. Travelers to an oasis are often unaware they are being observed; wanton destruction of the oasis will find themselves under the full fury of the druid and his many abilities.

Daily LifeEdit

A druid adventures to learn about Athas, to protect nature, and to further his own aims. Druids usually spend their days in contemplation of nature, and tending their lands; one may watch over a particular stretch of open desert, another may protect a belt of scrub grass within it, while still another might watch over a small oasis that borders on both, always hidden and always watching. The Athasian druid is a wanderer who hunts down a powerful defiler that has despoiled the wastes, or a visionary who tends the land and teaches the local population how to live in harmony with their surroundings. The Athasian druid fights for an almost lost cause, and it matters not if that cause is revenge himself against those who destroyed his land and friends or a ceaseless desire to bring green and hope to Athas.


Ever since the Eradication, an anti‐druidic jihad led by sorcerer‐kings more than 1,500 years ago, no specific druidic organization exists, although some form temporary alliances with Veiled Alliance members from time to time. Legends say that the druids who remained after the Eradication gathered on a high mesa somewhere in the northern Tablelands. It was there they decided that they should scatter to the most remote reaches and farthest regions of Athas, there to bide their time, waiting for the day when they were powerful enough to challenge the sorcerer‐kings again. This was a long time ago, and the druids have yet to return to the cities of the defilers. Some say that they will never return and that their seclusion and isolation have destroyed whatever power they once wielded as a circle. Others say that the druid’s long wait is indicative of their cunning, and that their plan is to insure that the next confrontation with the kings won’t end in defeat. defeat.

NPC ReactionsEdit

Druids are natural loners, and usually avoid social interactions unless they have to. In such cases, those who are directly benefited from the druid’s work of tending the land begin two steps nearer helpful, while defilers and evil paraelemental clerics begin two steps nearer hostile.


Druids are created as normal using the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook with the following exceptions:

Class Skills: Stealth is a class skill for druids. Swim is not.

Defiling: Druids should familiarize themselves with the defiling rules detailed here.

Animal Companions: Druids must select an animal companion appropriate for Athas. A list of these can be found here, and replace the ones found in the core rulebook.

Spells: Druids have a number of new spell options and replacement spells that can all be found here.

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