aka mr. crankypants

Danak is a shadowy assassin from a foreign land who gives a sum of zero fucks.


Danak is tall for a human - two metres tall, almost exactly - with a lean, muscular build, comparable to a male gymnast or acrobat. He favours dark, utilitarian clothing, generally appearing in his armour, but festoons himself with myriad curious decorations. He is particularly fond of scavenger feathers, a somewhat awkward fact in the face of his ally Kazigyps, but also collects chitin and ceramic badges and other symbols of office from around Athas

His face has yet to be openly revealed. In fact, none of him has; he is clad head-to-toe and wears an eerie mask at all times. Perhaps he is shy or sensitive regarding some facet of his looks.

Sense & SensibilityEdit

Danak is quite callous and cold, and evidently without mercy. He is also, however, quite intelligent and knowledgeable regarding a great deal of matters arcane, despite not being a spellcaster. He seems to place little value on a single life, and curiously seems to care less when more people are at risk for death.

Unlike most Athasian laypeople, Danak can read and does so ardently. He seems to favour anatomically-oriented bestiaries, volumes on flora, and histories, though his collection also includes selections of poetry. The books he owns are not the rare, bound books likely to be found in a sorcerer-king's library but rather scrolls produced in the black market literature trade.

Danak really enjoys good food. He will not partake of sentient humanoids, however.

Where is Home?Edit

Danak is particularly evasive when it comes to the details of his homeland, though he often casually refers to facets of it when observing something unexpected. He has referred to his home as "Gloomwrought" in conversation, and has mentioned that it lies on a great deal of tainted water, dangerous plants, and offal. If he is any incidation, Gloomwrought is a place of dolorous people who think nothing of killing.


Danak has conceded to escaping from and openly despising members of his family. There is particular venom in his voice whenever he speaks of his mother. Evidently he was raised from birth to be some sort of super-killer, and underwent a torturous process in his teen years that ripped a hole through his soul. This process seems to be what grants him his mastery over shadow.

One can infer from his refined speech and vocabulary that his family likely has a great deal of money and may possibly be nobility of some sort. He has admitted that he has a somewhat large sum of siblings, though of them, he is one of the rare cases in which the procedure 'took'.


Currently, he wields an obsidian scimitar, though truthfully he's as deadly without it as he is with it, summoning wirelike strands of darkness and jerking his targets about with them or stringing them up with a shadowy noose.

Using his shadow arts, Danak is capable of disappearing from sight, stepping into shadows and emerging from others, or even becoming like a shadow himself. He can craft dark illusions and tangible objects of shadow, as well.

He claims his principal method of killing is to silently, invisibly assay a target's vital points and any gaps or weaknesses in any armour they may be wearing, creating seeds of shadow as he does this, and then 'rupturing' the seeds into spines that pierce his victims.

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