The spells listed below are added to the druid spell list given in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Spells new to this guide are marked with an asterisk(*).

Cleric Spell SummariesEdit

0–Level Cleric Spells (Orisons)Edit

Create Water: Replaced by create element.
Create Element*: Create a small amount of patronelement.
Detect Element*: Detect presence of element.

1st–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Bless Element*: Makes holy element.
Bless Water: Replaced by bless element.
Cooling Canopy*: Summons a cloud to provide shade and prevent dehydration.
Curse Element*: Makes unholy element.
Curse Water: Replaced by curse element.
Heat Lash*: Creature suffers 1d4+1 damage and is knocked back 5 ft.

2nd–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Return to the Earth*: Turns dead and undead bodies into dust.

3rd–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Eye of the Storm*: Protects 30 ft. radius from effects ofstorm for 1 hour/level.
Lighten Load*: Increases Strength for carrying capacity only.
Sand Pit*: Excavates sand in a 30 ft. wide and 50 ft. deep cone.
Surface Walk*: Subject treads on unstable surfaces as if solid.
Water Breathing: Replaced by worm’s breath.
Water Walking: Replaced by surface walk.
Worm’s Breath*: Subjects can breathe underwater, in silt or earth.

4th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Control Tides*: Raises, lowers, or parts bodies of water or silt.
Control Water: Replaced by control tides.
Curse of the Black Sands*: Target leaves black oily footprints.
Elemental Armor*: Armor or shield gains enhancement bonus and special quality.
Elemental Weapon*: Weapon gains enhancement bonus and special quality.
Sand Spray*: Sprays sand or silt as an area attack.

5th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Cleansing Flame*: 1d6/level fire damage (max 10d6).
Elemental Strike*: Smites foes with 1d6/level of divine and elemental energy (max. 15d6).
Flame Strike: Replaced by elemental strike.
Ragestorm*: Summons a storm with high winds, hail, and lightning.
Rangeblade*: Can strike with melee weapons at a distance.

6th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Braxatskin*: Your skin hardens, granting armor bonus and damage reduction.
Rejuvenate*: Increase the fertility of the land.
Wall of Stone: Only available through specific domains.

7th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Infestation*: Tiny parasites infect creatures within area.
Elemental Chariot*: Enhances chariot with elemental effects.
Sands of Time*: Reverses or accelerates aging of a non–living object.
Unliving Identity*: Transforms a zombie into a thinking zombie.

8th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Elemental Storm*: Deals 1d6 energy damage/level.
Fire Storm: Replaced by elemental storm.

9th–Level Cleric SpellsEdit

Greater Elemental Chariot*: As elemental chariot, but with greater effects.
Heartseeker*: Creates a deadly piercing weapon.

Cleric Spell DescriptionsEdit

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