Clerics in AthasEdit

Lizardfolk dragon shaman

In a world without gods, spiritualism on Athas has unlocked the secrets of the raw forces of which the very planet is comprised: earth, air, fire, and water. However, other forces exist which seek to supplant them and rise to ascendancy in their place. These forces have taken up battle against the elements of creation on the element’s own ground in the form of entropic perversions of the elements themselves: magma, rain, silt and sun.

Like the Athasian deserts, the elemental powers are neither benevolent nor malevolent, caring only that their natural forms are preserved in the material world. This is the source of their power, and the impending ecological collapse in Athas has created an unusual and dynamic power struggle on the elemental planes. The clerics of Athas are nothing but the pawns of this titanic struggle.

Daily LifeEdit

A cleric typically begins his day by finding a suitable locale where he can commune with his element and pray for the spells he desires. He then spends the rest of the day engaged in whatever task seems most important for advancing his element’s goals while trying to avoid too much trouble. When not adventuring, clerics often spend their time seeking out scraps of information about the elemental planes and other clerics. The pursuit of such knowledge is often quite dangerous and can result in the cleric undertaking additional adventures.


A cleric usually finds a role in an adventuring party or other organization that allows his free time to explore his divine abilities freely. Since no organization specifically caters to Athasian clerics, many find themselves in drastically different circumstances from those of their comrades.

Within the ranks of elemental clerics, prestige and influence is measured by the depth of their devotion to their element. The most highly admired are those who have further accomplished their element’s pact and those who most wield elemental power. When two or more clerics come into conflict, they usually defer to the one with a greater knowledge of their element, relying on wisdom and experiences to provide a reasonable solution. The elemental clerics are much more tightly tied to their temples than paraelemental ones. Because the elements are losing the battle against the paraelements, they cannot afford to be without staunch allies.

NPC ReactionsEdit

The reactions clerics receive from communities are directly tied to how those cultures regard their specific element. A silt cleric is viewed in a much friendlier manner near to the Sea of Silt than near the Forest Ridge, for example.

As a general rule of thumb, an NPCʹs attitude is one step nearer helpful for elemental clerics and one step nearer hostile for paraelemental clerics.


Clerics are created as normal using the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook with the following exceptions:

Defiling: Clerics should familiarize themselves with the defiling rules detailed here.

Domains: Athasian elemental and paraelemental clerics should select two domains from the table below based on the element or paraelement they worship. Air, Earth, Fire, Healing, Protection, Sun, Strength, Weather, and Water domains are all found in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. The subdomains of Ash, Caves, Day, Defense, Ferocity, Ice, Light, Oceans, Metal, Restoration, Seasons, Smoke, Storms, and Wind can be found in the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide.

Spells: Clerics have a number of new spell options and replacement spells that can be found here.

Elemental DomainsEdit

Subdomains are in parentheses following their parent domain.

Element Energy Type Domains Typical Worshipers
Air Sonic Air, (Cloud, Wind), Weather, (Storms, Seasons) Aaracokra, elves
Earth Acid Earth, (Caves, Metal), Protection, (Defense) Dwarves, muls
Fire Fire Fire, (Ash), (Smoke), Strength, (Ferocity) Dwarves, ssurans
Magma Fire Earth, (Caves, Metal), Fire, (Ash, Smoke), Strength, (Ferocity), Protection, (Defense) Ssurans
Rain Electricity Weather, (Seasons, Storms) Water*, (Ice) Drajis
Silt Acid Earth, Water*, (Oceans*), Protection, (Defense) Silt runners, giants
Sun Fire Sun, (Day, Light), Fire, Strength, (Ferocity) Aarakocra, ssurans
Water Cold Water*, (Ice, Oceans*), Healing, (Restoration) Half-elves, ssurans

* Control water and water walk are replaced with control tides and surface walk, respectively.

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