Making a CharacterEdit

Story ConsiderationsEdit

Your character is down on his or her luck. They could be a slave, a prisoner, an indentured servant, or anything else that would suggest they're desperate for a way out of their situation. Fortunately for him or her, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of a personal summons from a mid-level Nibenese templar-wife named Rava D'Sar. She promises that, if you serve her well, she will reward you by removing your shackles, be they literal or figurative.


Pick a Race

Pick a Class

Generating Attribute Scores: Characters will be created using the following stat spread: 16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

Starting Level and Hit Points: All characters start at 3rd level. Award full hit points for the initial level as usual, then roll your hit die for level 2 and 3, ignoring all 1’s and 2’s.

Skills Note – Literacy: Writing and literacy is illegal within the Tyr Region with the exception of nobles, templars, and sorcerer-­kings. Literacy must be purchased with skill points by everyone else. Wizards do not keep written spellbooks. They develop coded means of recording spells.

Starting money: Freemen: 300 Cp; Slaves: nothing, in-­game assignment of gear by DM.

What you can spend it on: No magic items. Masterwork items permitted. Special materials, including iron weapons, generally not available, check with DM. Inferior materials freely available. Don’t forget water and supplies if you plan on leaving town!

Prefab ConceptsEdit

Need a concept? No problem! Try these on for size:

  • Wasteland Nomad (Any Race/Any Non-Templar Class) - It seems your destiny is to wander the desert, endlessly searching for answers and enough sustenance to survive until the next day. Perhaps you came from one of the city-states, or perhaps from one of the "free cities." It no longer matters. The desert is the only home you know and the only one you need, there's just one problem: After a careless night of sleeping on the city streets of Nibenay, you've been alleviated of most of your valuables, including any food and water you'd been keeping on your person. It seems D'Sar's offer could come at no better time.
  • Dune Trader (Any Race/Any Non-Templar Class) - You are (or were) employed by one of the many merchant houses of the Tyr region. It was a relatively good life until one of your deals went bad. Or maybe you forgot to buy enough protection for your caravan and it was mercilessly raided, with only you as the survivor. Whatever the case, you were disowned by your employers and left to fend for yourself in Athas' cutthroat economy. Perhaps the favor of one of Nibenay's esteemed templar-wives is just what your business needs to get off the ground.
  • Indebted Noble (Any Humanoid Race/Any Non-Templar Class) - You had it made. You were born into wealth and respect without having to earn it for yourself. Unfortunately, you made one or two mistakes and you owe a great deal of money to someone important, and, more than likely, dangerous as well. Your family refuses to aid you and you are left with few options. Working for D'Sar, while unsavory, seems to be the only sound course of action.
  • Primal Guardian (Any Race/Druid or Ranger) - Protecting the green of Athas is your primary concern. Maybe you came from the neighboring city of Gulg, or perhaps you were once even more secluded, living out your days as a member of an elusive druid's grove. Whatever the case, you were involved in a failed attack on Nibenay's logging operations in the deep forest and have been brought back to the city as a prisoner of war. You know what Nibenay does to prisoners of war, and though you are loathe to work for a defiler, D'Sar may be the only one able to save you from your predicament.
  • Elemental Priest (Any Race/Cleric or Druid) - You worship the elements; forces whose power and authority are unquestioned in Athas, or so you see it. Your temple is located somewhere in the wastes, far outside of the influence of the sorcerer-kings. You've arrived to Nibenay on a pilgrimage to spread your holy word. Unfortunately, proselytizing in city-states is illegal, and you are barely able to utter a sentence before you are arrested and thrown in prison. You see D'Sar's offer as a sign from Athas that your work is not yet done, and, of course, it would also be nice if you weren't wearing those chains.
  • Gang Member (Any Race/Martial Class) - You belong to one of the criminal gangs littered about the city. Burgling nobles, pickpocketing templars, stealing from merchants, it's all in a day's work for you. Unfortunately, one of your bolder heists ended with your companions running for their lives and only you for the city guards to arrest. D'Sar's offer could save you from spending the rest of your days locked away in a dungeon.
  • Gladiator (Any Race/Martial or Psionic Class) - You were born a slave and born to fight. Combat is all you've known all your life, and you've always managed to survive in Nibenay's brutal arenas, whether through luck, cunning, or a combination of the two. Your popularity has also contributed to your longevity, and up until now you've enjoyed the spoils of a successful and skilled gladiator. There are rumors, though, that some feel your time in the spotlight has run its course, and are planning to ensure your death during your next match. D'Sar seems to be the only thing standing between you and an untimely defeat.
  • Psionic Disciple (Any Race/Psionic Class) - You were a student at one of Nibenay's psionic academies, studying under a well-known and respected master. You are one of his top two students, the other being your rival. The two of you have lived and studied in the monastery since you could walk, and your master has told you he will select one of you as his successor. Before he can, however, he is found dead in his chambers, killed by a technique known only to senior students. Your rival points his finger at you, presenting sketchy evidence that implicates you in his murder. You are taken by the guards and thrown in prison, but not before you receive D'Sar's summons. Perhaps she is the only one who can help clear your name.
  • Illegal Spellcaster (Any Race/Arcane Class) - Defiling. Preserving. To the general populace, there is no difference. Magic is evil, and everyone knows it. You've studied it for years in secret, perhaps as part of the Veiled Alliance, or perhaps by pursing it on your own. You got caught, though. You're not sure how, you thought you were careful, but the guards at your door indicate otherwise, and there is only one penalty for unsanctioned spellcasters: death. Accepting work from D'Sar, it seems, is your only discourse.
  • Disgraced Templar (Any Humanoid Race/Templar or Knight-Templar/Female Only) - You are one of Nibenay's illustrious templar-wives. You graduated at the top of your class with aspirations of one day joining your master at the Naggaramakam. Unfortunately, unsavory and downright vulgar rumors began to spread about you. Whether they are true or not makes little difference. Any influence you once had is gone, and your aspirations are now nothing more than a pipe dream. Unless, of course, you can get some assistance from a fellow templar-wife, that is.
  • Athasian Minstrel (Any Race/Bard Class) - You are one of the more popular entertainers in Nibenay. Nobles pay handsomely for you to perform for them, and word has spread of your talents to all corners of the city. One particular evening, you were invited to perform for a noble's birthday party, one who had a reputation for being somewhat eccentric. The noble was so taken by your performance that they immediately demanded your hand in marriage, and would not accept no for an answer, even if it killed you. Although you are unsure of what lies in store for you should you accept D'Sar's offer, it can surely be better than spending the rest of your days married to a slovenly oaf, right?
  • Elven Raider (Elf/Martial Class) - You once belonged to one of the many elven raider cadres scattered across the Tyr region. Skilled, efficient, and ruthless, there was little your cadre couldn't handle, until one day it bit off a little more than it could chew, attacking a caravan that was protected by some well-armed adventurers. You were left as the only survivor of the attack, and, by some miracle of luck, you were able to stumble across Nibenay before the desert claimed what the battle did not. With little food, little water, no money, and no sign of your people, the only option seems to be to accept the offer of this crazy foreigner.
  • Tribesman (Any Race/Any Non-Arcane, Non-Templar Class) - You come from a small tribe that lives outside of the influence of the sorcerer-kings. You led a simple life, but it was peaceful and you were content. That is, of course, until the slavers came. Hopelessly outmatched, you and the handful of your kinsmen that survived, had no choice but to surrender to the slavers. You long to be free again, and you think perhaps your only avenue to this goal is to accept the offer of this D'Sar.
  • Tourist (Any Race/Any Class) - For whatever reason, you decided it was a good idea to leave the relative comfort of your home and venture out into the dangerous Athasian desert with a desire to see the sights. Miraculously, up until now your journey had been mostly problem free, save for a minor mishap here or there. Your caravan stopped in Nibenay to resupply and you took it upon yourself to experience the infamous City of Spires for yourself. After two nights, however, you were ready to move on. Unfortunately, it seems your caravan was not. Upon reaching the predesignated rendezvous point, you find no one waiting for you. Your caravan, along with your luggage and souvenirs, seems to have vanished into thin air. With scarce money and supplies, trapped in a foreign land, it appears the only way you're ever going to see your home again is to accept D'Sar's offer.

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