Barbarians in AthasEdit


Brutality is a way of life in Athas, as much in some of the cities as in the dwindling tribes of Athas’ harsh wastes. Cannibal headhunting halflings (who occasionally visit Urik from the Forest Ridge) sometimes express shock at the savagery and bloodshed of the folk that call themselves “civilized” and live between walls of stone. They would be more horrified if they were to see the skull piles of Draj, experience the Red Moon Hunt in Gulg, or watch a seemingly docile house slave in Balic rage as she finally “goes feral”, taking every frustration of her short cruel life out on whoever happens to be closest to hand. Nibenese sages claim that the potential for savagery is in every sentient race, and the history of Athas seems to support their claim.

Some on Athas have turned their brutality into an art of war. They are known as “brutes”, “barbarians” or “feral warriors” and they wear the name with pride. Impious but superstitious, cunning and merciless, fearless and persistent, they have carved a name for their martial traditions out of fear and blood.

Daily LifeEdit

A barbarian is a passionate adventurer. As a survivalist, he often sees his involvement in a particular enterprise as a validation of his superior strength and resilience. In his mind, his presence alone is enough to ensure the success of a quest, adventure, or ruin raid. Even simple tasks are additional opportunities to prove his own worth by accomplishing the task with might and alacrity. Barbarians are typically hardheaded and unforgiving because of the rigors of his previous life.


Because of their independent and sometimes downright chaotic natures, many barbarians refuse to join organizations of any kind, though they usually maintain relationships with trading houses and raiding tribes. There is no specific organization that binds barbarians together.

NPC ReactionsEdit

Many lay people cannot tell a barbarian from a ranger or a fighter until his rage overcomes him and he starts screaming and bashing. Most authority figures and templars do not appreciate barbarians since they are prone to losing control and cannot be truly trusted. Thus, they generally treat barbarians with a great deal of caution.


Barbarians are created using the rules in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook with the following exception:

Class Skills: Escape Artist and Profession are class skills for Athasian barbarians. Swim is not.

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